Sunday, December 5, 2010

Merry Christmas and Quit Your Bitching

Yes, that’s right merry Christmas. From the liberal news organization, The Birmingham Free Press. It is our official stance that you have a merry Christmas. We do not mind saying merry Christmas and in fact will say merry Christmas as many times as we want. We feel that there are a group of Americans who claim to be followers of The Prince of Peace and yet find any excuse to be hateful and argumentative.

It is our opinion that the holiday season, oh my God, I mean your God, I mean which God? I mean, I said holiday instead of Christmas…Christmas season …I can’t think for all the yelling and judgment in my head, the constant bitter condemnation. I really don’t want to hear all the arguing during Yule tide, I mean the holiday season, I mean if there is one time of year that we could all set aside our differences and be at peace with one another this would be it.

I hear constantly how people should not judge Sarah Palin or her followers based on the few people that yell racial epithets at rallies, or carry monkeys around with Obama written on them. And the good natured liberals oblige, judging not. The good natured liberals know that it makes no sense to judge an entire group by the merits, or lack of merits of the few outspoken and loudest photograph magnets. So even if any Liberals condemn anyone for saying merry Christmas, which I haven’t heard, it does not represent an entire group of people. Listen to the bile coming out of the Right blogosphere, the words of hatred and distortion are manifest. While I can find few examples of individuals against saying merry Christmas, there are scores upon scores of individuals claiming there is a war on Christmas. This has been completely fabricated. If some stores have a policy where they are trying to be respectful and not say merry Christmas...well, there's your "market deciding" I guess. They are not being warlike and confrontational. Whereas, to Right Wingers everything is war. War on this...war on that. Judge a tree by its fruits.

Why then, is there an issue about saying "holiday season?" Does wishing someone happiness even though they are of a different religion equal being anti-Christmas? I never in my life worried about saying merry Christmas to anyone until the conservative propaganda machine began claiming there was a problem. I think it is absolutely ridiculous and rude to purposefully wish a practicing Jew merry Christmas to prove a point about anything, unless you know them well enough and you're making a joke. Because it is a joke, the whole issue is a joke. And I miss Christmas times past when people tried to act on their better nature and do good for others. When the arguing stopped for a brief part of the year and we drank eggnog and didn’t hyper analyze every single word. This is not due to a few retailers and their policies. This is due to a multitude of Right Wing pundits and bloggers intent on causing problems, raising ire and raising the blood pressure of those easily led into war.

We at The Birmingham Free Press are peace loving. Our policy is Freedom with a capital "F," Love with a capital "L." We're about Happiness and Light and Goodness... with capitals.

So Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Find your Strength in Cheer and in Joy! And for "God's" sake, have Fun people!

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