Tuesday, January 18, 2011


How can we expect our representatives to know what to do when we are so fickle?

In a recent poll released by the AP the number of Americans who favor stronger healthcare laws is now 43 percent, with those in favor of repeal now at 26 percent. Only 10 percent want a healthcare law which does less than the current law.

You work for a company for twenty years, you pay your insurance every year, every month, every day, expecting you'll be covered. Some policy gets changed, some plant moves overseas chasing cheap labor, then you're laid off. Since there has NEVER been a consistent strategy to level the playing field with our foreign competitors, the jobs aren't coming back. So "laid off" simply means "unemployed." You have to be smart enough to follow this scenario out. There are a number of directions this could go, most of them bad.

The most important issue in regard to healthcare is education. Yes... education and information are both so damaged in our country by the current political propaganda war and the Right's constant attempts to dismantle our education system, in favor of privatization, that we have a crisis of misunderstanding. The American people are so misinformed that they have no chance to make the right decisions. The misinformation battle has lead to a national schizophrenia which expresses itself in both our foreign and domestic policies. But what do we expect our leaders to do?

We, the American people, only respond with knee jerk reactions and would rather be obsessed with "Brangelina" or who is dancing with the stars, than concern ourselves with how many soldiers and civilians are dieing in Afghanistan or if our neighbors are losing their house because of bankruptcy or skyrocketing health care expenses. If anything happens which even mildly upsets our TV buzz we switch the channel. Or those that are obsessed with, and only watch the news, have hooked in so completely to the propaganda machine of their choice that all they hear is the shouting. TV has become our new national drug, it just depends on what kind of trip you're on. Why, because most Americans have forgotten how to read, or, for some, never leaned how. Reading allows a person to study information free from the manipulations of the talking heads.

Why reading helps the Liberal agenda: As with the healthcare bill, when people take the time to consider what the actual issues are, and reflect on them, the majority will side more with the truth, with the intelligent choice. Given time, facts like evolution, global climate change, peak oil, become accepted and ingrained in the social mindset. People realize them as the truths they are because they have had time to reflect and ponder, and see through the Right's disinformation campaign. This is why reading about an issue is so important. Although it might seem to take more time than being "fed" the information by a talking head, it actually speeds up our social evolution. Only through mass dissemination of the truth with time for people to absorb it can we correct the misdirection of our social awareness.

As with most issues, ideas about healthcare are evolving. They do not seem to be evolving in the wrong direction in the social mindset. People do not want to see their neighbors starving or dieing on the street. They do not want to see people lose their houses or their jobs (but closing the door and turning on your screen needs to stop being the preferred method for avoiding that sight). They want to unite and pull together. They have just not been allowed access to truthful information or advised on how to get this information. The good news is, over time the information seems to be sinking in. The bad news is, too many people are allowed to suffer and die while the American people slowly move in the proper direction.

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