Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shelby Cosponsors Bill to Repeal Healthcare Law

WASHINGTON, DC Wednesday, January 26, 2011 -- U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) today cosponsored legislation known as the Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act, which seeks to repeal the health care reform law that was signed into law last year.

“America has the best health care in the world," Says Shelby, "Obamacare will destroy the quality of care and lead to rationing of it."

Respectfully, Senator Shelby, we must disagree. According the the World Health Organization, America doesn't actually have the best health care system in the World. We're actually ranked number 37. The WHO's who's who of countries with better health care than the US is divided up among more Left leaning countries and wealthy smaller countries. The Left leaning countries, of course, have comprehensive plans based on the needs of the people. The smaller, wealthy countries consist, mostly of oil producing countries whose per-capita income far exceeds ours.

As far as rationing. it seems the current model, that which the health care law has only just begun to repair, does far more rationing than the new law will, through the income gap and the current Wall Street induced unemployment. In fact the new law is designed, specifically to get ALL Americans covered by health insurance.

Repealing the new law seems like an unfortunate, politically motivated waste of time and money. Over 670,000 people in the state of Alabama are uninsured (source).The new law will, given time, insure them all. Before moving forward with the repeal of the health care law, let us see your plan in full. How are you going to guarantee a better plan for the American people? How will you be able to repair the system better than what you call "Obamacare" and help Americans get the services they need?

With all due respect, there has never been a Republican plan to fix the health care problem in our country. In fact, there has been nothing but misguided, politically based opposition, justified by an inaccurate interpretation of the constitutional limits of the Federal Government. This approach has served only a select few, content on maintaining the status-quo, their profit margins, and those paranoid about the role of government. Whereas the new health care law actually benefits the medical field, the American people, and the insurance companies. The only possible opposition is through the use of fear and fomenting an irrational distrust of government. In which case we should disband, first, the military, then the post office, the FBI, Homeland Security, then work our way down to the local police and fire departments. I believe this might be the goal of the GOP in fact.

We encourage you to use our good, old fashioned Alabama horse sense. Which in this case means the course that makes sense, the pragmatic course. Don't spend taxpayer dollars to overturn a law that can help so many. President Obama has welcomed reform, where it is warranted, he has welcomed compromise. Be reasonable.


  1. This may possibly be the most childishly named bill ever proposed in the history of the country.