Wednesday, January 11, 2012

To Our Facebook Overlords

Very short and concise editorial in response to Facebook blocking our posts to our own page.

When you become a major source for information sharing you have a responsibility to adhere to time honored traditions based on widely accepted interpretations of our Constitution.

The power base may shift. The controls may change. But the issues are the same and the right to freedom of the press must be maintained.

You cannot choose what information we are allowed to see or what constitutes news. You do not have that authority. This is a public trust issue and you need to be aware of your responsibility to use your power wisely. This includes proper controls on your users, both to avoid undue, arbitrary censorship and to protect their freedoms.

The only reason for this short editorial is to illustrate that the blocking of our posts to our own Facebook page is an issue of the 1st amendment. You have created a new town square. That is a wonderful thing. You must treat it as such. This is a simple explanation of your responsibility.

I will now attempt to post this to our Facebook page. I respectfully request that you return our ability to do this.    

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