Thursday, December 20, 2012

Your Opinion: Clean Water and Air is for ALL Seasons.

From: Michelle McDonald of Trussville

For years I have read comments and watched the verbal attacks on those who try to protect our natural resources so we may have clean air to breathe and water to drink.They have been called no growthers, tree hugging liberals, and other unjust monikers.These clean water and air advocates are not making mega bucks to do their jobs, they are not living in mc-mansions and more often than not bravely take the arrows the business community and politicians sling their way. These advocates are working to preserve our natural resources because they have a passion and responsibility to all who drink water and breathe air – which is you, me and all MANKIND.
Most every beverage one drinks contains water.I challenge you to count how many bottles or glasses of water you drink or purchase in just a week’s time.I am sure you take fresh water to your jobsite to ensure you do not get overheated when working. Or perhaps you take it for a jog or provide it when your children are playing sports. When you go outside you never consider what you may be putting into your body with each breath you take.You assume the air you are breathing is clean.
The importance of clean water can be traced all the way back to biblical times.Remember Jesus uses water and fish to feed the multitudes. Do you think he took these resources for granted as we do today? Would he have deliberately offered dirty water or contaminated fish to his followers? Do you think he would call those who work to protect our resources fools and or call them names? Do you think Jesus would say money is always the most important aspect of anything we encounter? It has been said people can live off bread and water. In some third world countries they pray each day for just this simple life sustaining gift.
Life should not always be about what we can get, it's about what we can give.Water is for all seasons and we should give thanks for the warriors and advocates who work daily to preserve these precious natural resources for us to give to our children and future generations.Consider this, it does not matter how much money you have, if you do not have water to drink you cease to exist and all that money/greed and name calling will not have made a bit of difference.What would Jesus do?He put us on this earth to be good stewards of what He created.Thank you to the people who work selflessly on our behalf to make sure we honor what God created and we so often take for granted.
-Michelle McDonald

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